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SF: Assassin’s Fist Interview With Joey Ansah

SFD: For the fans who haven’t heard, can you tell us a bit about what Assassin’s Fist is?

JOEY: Well Assassin’s Fist will be a feature length series, distributed on multiple formats that delves into the origins of all the ‘shoto’ characters, but more importantly the history and legacy of the Ansatsuken style, which they all practice original or derivative forms of. It’s a coming of age story for Ryu and Ken. We see what their daily life and training is like in the secluded Japanese mountain wilderness of Gouken’s Dojo. We find out where they’ve come from, their personality complexes and internal issues to overcome as well as their motivations. When we join them in the story they are yet to have learn the Hado techniques. So we really go on that journey/process/training with them as they cross that point of no return and start wielding this incredible power.

Read The Full Interview At Street Fighter Devotion – http://www.streetfighterdevotion.com/exclusives_sfaa.php


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