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SFAF: Q&A With Joey Ansah

Video response from SFAF director Joey Ansah to Facebook fans’ questions.
Apologies for the sound sync issues from the Web cam recording.


0:30 Sean Anderson 1. What is it about Street Fighter that made you want to dedicate this significant amount of time and effort in your life to it? Street Fighter is not your creation. And yet here you are…

2. What transformed you from a fan who just sits and plays the game hoping someone else will make a series into the guy who actually put money, time, and himself on the line to make something happen?

3:00 Natalie Norment What drove you to create a series that may someday show Hollywood how it’s done?

3:08 Colin Barker What were some of the most challenging things for you and the crew to overcome during the making of SFAF? And how did you overcome them?

4:55 Kalvin Visser If Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist does REALLY well (which it will :D) is there a chance we could see a Final Fight spin off? After all, it is in the same universe

6:05 Vishal Babu What do you consider to be some of the biggest obstacles preventing film-makers from staying true to source material for the purposes of adaptations such as this? We’ve seen deviations ruin what could have otherwise been pretty good films…

8:25 Invinc Messatsu The way I interpret the lore of the Street Fighter series, Gouki/Akuma has never been a villain. He’s more of a warrior following the Code of Honour from a bygone era. Most people misinterpret Gouki as murderous, demonic, psychopathic or downright evil. But…

10:37 Kevin Jason R. Aurellado If SFAF becomes the ‘definitive backstory’ of Ryu/Ken/Gouken/Akuma, does it mean CAPCOM will officially acknowledge your work as ‘Canon’ and use the SFAF story for future SF games/titles?

13:00 Andrew Ponde What styles of martial arts did you use to make ansatsuken and do each of the characters have their own style?

15:51 King Tigre Will this explore the evolution of Ryu and Ken’s individuality as fighters? How they grew from clones (fighting style-wise) to unique combatants?

16:15 Neddy Sabba Who is your favourite character and why?

16:55 Will Gonzalez If SFAF is a success… Will you follow with the World Warrior Tornanment story line and introduce characters such as Sagat, which has a history with Ryu, Guile and Chun Li

18:00 Minseok Cho Have you found that it has been a challenge to be faithful to the fighting style but being able to incorporate it into the choreography?

19:43 Retro Corey how hard was making this project to become a fans dream reality?

21:13 Kevin Jason R. Aurellado How will Akuma’s origin story in SFAF compare/differ from other SF media, particularly the very disappinting ‘SF: Origins – Akuma’ book by UDON?…

23:12 David Duke Will Ken actually be a force to be reckoned with? He is my favorite character and in my opinion in some versions he’s always a step behind Ryu. Would really like to see Ken put hands on people Ansatsuken style!

24:07 Franco Barroeta Fonseca Joey: How did you handle and come up with the personal life side of the characters? The games touch very little on this subject except for the characters’ endings sequences…

24:52 Bobby Chang John Travolta for M.Bison?

24:00 Jason Sampieri Hi Joey….I would like to know if in this project and beyond, how important do you feel it is to use the characters theme during battle scenes? If possible, in the future could we hear a large orchestra elevate Street Fighters theme music to new heights just like in Back to the Future?

27:13 Thien Tran Does this film have a strong focus on the relationship/foundation between Ryu and Ken? It’s something that hasn’t been focused on in films of recent and we need to get back to the basics, thanks!!

27:41 Brandon Hayes How will you address the time period in which assasins fist takes place and make it interesting for newcomers?…

28:51 Chun Lim You’ve been very careful to keep to the authenticity of much of the game’s original art direction. Did you find it difficult at any time trying to keep true to 20 yr plus game design and balancing a little more pragmatic reality?

29:55 Carl F.J. Non How difficult was it taking all the various sources, Capcom canon, Anime, Manga, Udon Comics, and turning it into a cohesive story which both made sense, was true to canon and paid respect to everything that came before?

30:08 Sarfaraz Janjua What are your plans after the obvious success of this series? Would Capcom green light a world warrior series/movie? It’s what we all want, right?

30:45 Lucas H?rmann Can we count on watching Ryu performing a Hadouken in this season?

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